Donald Trump’s house of cards is falling apart in real time

Donald Trump is currently on track to lose badly in November, but does he know it? That apparently depends on what day of the week it is, how delusional he’s feeling, and which adviser he’s last spoken to. It’s becoming more clear that his entire 2020 campaign is a house of cards, and even his own people are now fighting over which lies Trump gets fed.

That’s the gist of a surreal new Politico report, which reveals that some of Donald Trump’s top 2016 campaign advisers spent the past week trying to convince him of just how badly he’s losing in swing states, even as Trump’s top 2020 campaign advisers have tried to convince him that he’s doing just fine in those states. Why the discrepancy?

Our guess is that Trump’s 2016 campaign advisers are trying to take over the 2020 campaign by making Trump realize that his 2020 advisers are running a sham of a campaign. And why wouldn’t they want in on the action? Trump’s 2020 campaign is a sham, with widespread reporting that his top advisers are paying themselves handsomely while producing terrible results.

Of course the real problem here is Donald Trump himself. His cognitive abilities keep declining further, as evidenced by every public appearance he makes these days. So as he fades, which of these advisers is he supposed to believe? The ones who are trying to con him by telling him he’s winning when he’s losing, or the ones who are trying to con him into letting them take over the house of cards? What a chaotic mess.

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