Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s about to hit him

Treason is an ugly word. We’ve been in the midst of it this entire presidency. Donald Trump’s display at the G20 with Putin at his side was one of the worst moments in this country’s history. Mocking our intelligence services and wishing for the annihilation of First Amendment free journalism in front of a murderous dictator should be shocking, but we’ve grown numb to the outrage.

Trump ran on a platform of strong borders and making clear that without those strong borders, “we don’t have a country.” He was certainly right about one thing. We don’t have a country if we’re willing to sell it out to Putin. Clearly the Republican bait and switch has been a success. Without all the horror down at our southern border, we might see the treason more clearly. We might see Trump’s kowtowing to hostile foreign dictators, his villainous side deals with Putin, and his crushing of every Constitutional norm we have.

But that’s not the worst of it. Without his enablers he would have been removed from office long ago; without his voters, he would have never gotten into office in the first place. Certainly, we all have a price for our desires, but to hand our country over to Putin when people have sacrificed and died for the United States is mind-blowing to watch.

Buckle up. We are now going to see if our system works in real time, from now to the election. Sure, Russia’s going to interfere but most of us are on to them. Trump won’t go willingly. There will have to be a deal. But take heart, he’s really really narcissistic and that makes him stupid as hell. If you need proof of this, just watch Paul Manafort’s perp walk in New York. He got seven years Fed time and thought he was going to go free and clear with a Presidential pardon. Now he’s got pardon-proof New York State charges to face and his Russian buddy Firtash is being extradited to the US in order to keep Manafort in prison forever. In his arrogance and narcissism, Manafort did not see all that coming. And take heart, neither will Trump.

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