Adam Schiff has this

Adam Schiff has this. He is sober, measured, and he gets the gist of the matter. There are those who will tune in and miss the point – that words like “bribery,” “demand,” and “quid pro quo,” weren’t used in certain conversations, so what’s the big deal? That’s fine. Let those ponies run free. They are at best thirty percent of the country and the Republican Party cannot survive on numbers like that.

The worst thing about this whole thing is how Lt. Col. Vindman was treated. The fact that a man is called “Mr.” Vindman when he is in uniform in defense of us, is revolting. But nevertheless, he persisted. Fox News will be bashing this man, no doubt, but he was rock-solid in his testimony.

One of the best moments had to go to Rep. Eric Swalwell, however. If Trump hates corruption, he asked, why does he court Putin and Erdogan repeatedly?

The one thing you learn as a writer is the fact that you cannot explain the brutally obvious. To the – at best – thirty percent of Americans who think to defend this bullsh*t, let them go. Save your breath. And vote.

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