Adam Schiff knows something we don’t

Trump is golfing while Rome burns. He thinks he can tweet out retorts concerning his latest crime, watch all his sycophants take his point of view, and shuffle on to the next crisis. But he’s wrong about this latest problem. The walls are closing in, and what he doesn’t know is there’s no golfing in the Federal ADX prison in Florence, CO.

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, is on the warpath and he’s not going away. With the scandal of a censored whistleblower and the specter of an urgent and credible breach of our intelligence apparatus, US national security is at play here. It’s the stuff of horror novels that our own acting Director of National Intelligence is withholding information from the Congressional committee that is there for oversight, and the only reasonable explanation for this is to protect Donald Trump or someone close to Trump.

This is shocking even by the shocking standards of Trumpian events. But because Trump is a malignant narcissistic sociopath, we have no real bearing as to how dangerous this could be. Anyone comfortable with Trump selling our nuclear codes to Putin? This is how far we’ve come with Donald Trump.

We have the court system and time on our side. Schiff won’t back down and eventually this scandal will come into terrifying focus. But trust that it will be horrific. Trump knows no loyalty except to himself, and perhaps, at times, to his children, whom he views as an extension of himself. He will sell everything down the pike to make a buck. Our national security is completely for sale in his view. We are in truly dangerous territory now. We need to prepare for the worst if Adam Schiff’s grim expression is any indicator. This is another reminder to vote like our lives depend on it. They do.

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