Donald Trump completely humiliates himself during Allentown visit

Donald Trump’s last visit to a medical supply factory went so poorly for him, complete with mask-gate and a “Live and Let Die” soundtrack, he decided to try it again today. This time around Trump visited Owens & Minor, a factory in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Presumably, Trump’s goal is to convince swing voters and undecided voters in the key state of Pennsylvania to vote for him. It’s not clear how this visit was supposed to have helped:


Donald Trump is still not wearing a mask. Worse for him, he’s refusing to wear a mask even as the people around him, including a military leader, are wearing masks. Could Trump look any more ignorant, reckless, clueless, and stupid? Well actually, yes.

Considering how blindingly orange Trump looks in this picture, you almost have to wonder if he thinks that if he cakes on enough orange makeup, it somehow counts as a mask. What a pathetic, worthless loser.

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