For Donald Trump, it’s all about Jeffrey Epstein now

Epstein. Epstein. Epstein. Focus. The Racist-In-Chief isn’t afraid to offend people of color, women or immigrants – legal and otherwise. His base is white, male, Republican and “Christian,” and he knows it. Railing about his offensive comments will just make them all dig in deeper. They will never renounce their racism because that’s just how they are.

So, let’s get rid of this guy, shall we? Epstein is the key. And right now, Jeffrey Epstein’s sitting in solitary, staring at ugly concrete walls, realizing this is his life forever. Unless he does something about it. Which is sing.

Michael Cohen sang, and for his troubles he was given three years in Federal prison. Meanwhile, we’ve found out his co-conspirators including Trump are not being criminally charged by the SDNY at this time. This is outrageous but not surprising. It has AG Bill Barr’s fingerprints all over it. Trump was terrified of Cohen’s testimony and rallied his fixer to make all perceived threats go away.
Meanwhile, Epstein was jetting to Paris, taking a break at his private island and hanging at his ranch in New Mexico. Trump thought he, and by tangent, Epstein, was scot-free after the Katie Johnson suit was dropped. Trump wasn’t focused on Epstein any longer and that’s when the Feds visited Epstein on his private jet arriving from Paris and hauled him off. Trump’s face at his Greenville rally was quite sour when he spotted a rally-goer hold up a photo of himself and Epstein. It was a beautiful thing.

You never hear the shot that takes you down, and Epstein is that shot. Don’t lose focus. Trump has more offensive rabbit holes to lose yourself in than we can keep track of. Epstein is the only thing right now to put a laser on and keep it there. Everything else will be healed after 2020 and Trump sits in super max prison.

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