All this and the ugliest blows haven’t landed yet

Donald Trump is having arguably the ugliest week of his presidency, which is saying something when you consider just how many ugly weeks he’s had. His poll numbers keep getting uglier. His scandals keep getting uglier. He’s taking blows left and right – and yet the ugliest blows haven’t even landed yet.

Donald Trump’s latest Russia scandal – this time involving his complicity in the murders of U.S soldiers – is still unfolding and hasn’t yet had the impact it’s going to have. Americans are starting to figure out that the free-for-all coronavirus “reopening” touted by Trump was a sham, but the real impact from the debacle is going to hit in the coming days and weeks when the fallout gets truly ugly. And Mary Trump’s book, which is so hotly anticipated that it’s already at #4 on the Amazon overall sales chart based on preorders alone, is set to drop in a month.

We don’t know the size of the impact that these still-ticking time bombs are going to have on Donald Trump’s approval rating, but we know that none of it will move his numbers in a positive direction. Trump’s numbers have always been weak, but for a long time they held steady. We’re now entering a phase where the cumulative effect of all of this is finally pushing his numbers downward. We have to remain as vigilant as ever. But the numbers suggest that Trump is about to go through some things.

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