Donald Trump campaign’s latest unofficial surrogate is an alleged murderer

Trump finally has a spokesperson he can count on to give good face. He also may be counted on to give good murder, if multiple stab wounds and near-decapitation count as street cred in Trump World. We’re not saying OJ Simpson is guilty of killing his wife, Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman; he was certainly not convicted of the double murder. But OJ Simpson is definitely a felon, and an excellent choice as a brand ambassador for Students for Trump.

Students for Trump tweeted OJ’s video rant about Democrats and their pandering. They also approved of OJ saying the Dems don’t provide *any* solutions. The asterisks on “any” are Students for Trump’s emphasis. It’s hard to know what they mean by this, as asterisks usually mean, “Ha ha!” but everything about this is Ha ha! or rather Hahahahahahahahahaha!

It’s heartwarming to see Students for Trump embrace a *reformed* felon. It’s also great to see them embracing a man of color. Elijah Cummings won’t do, because he’s an upstanding man of strong character who has served his country for years in Congress. *So, what?* Students for Trump would say! That’s nothing compared to a Heisman and being the defendant in the Trial of the Century!

It’s good also to see Students for Trump understanding irony. Their tweet has since been deleted, but thankfully the internet is forever. The tweet also begins with, “Even OJ…” What? Even THAT guy hates the Dems? I think we can accept that.

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