Amy Klobuchar just destroyed Donald Trump

Amy Klobuchar is no longer a candidate in the 2020 presidential race, but she’s still playing a major role in it. Her influential endorsement of Joe Biden helped propel him to victory in her home state of Minnesota. Now Klobuchar is campaigning for Biden in Michigan, ahead of a key primary contest there on Tuesday.

Because Donald Trump is afraid of facing Joe Biden, he naturally resents the fact that Amy Klobuchar is campaigning for Biden. So last night Trump tweeted a particularly bizarre conspiracy theory involving Biden, Amy, Pete Buttigieg, and ELizabeth Warren. The whole thing was just about unintelligible, and Amy shut him down accordingly.

Amy Klobuchar responded to Donald Trump’s deranged tweet with this: “Hey Mr. President always nice to be mentioned in a late night catch-all mean tweet. But since you’re up, remember to set your clock Alarm clock ahead tonight (for November 3, 2020 when Joe Biden wins the election).” So there you have it.

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