Donald Trump just suffered another embarrassing defeat

Donald Trump suffered another embarrassing defeat on Friday when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down his administration’s plan to seize funding from the Pentagon to fund his vanity border wall. The court ruled that Donald Trump undermined the authority of Congress and in doing so, violated the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution.

This probably couldn’t come at a worse time for Trump either, considering the New York Times bombshell that dropped about Russia paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers, something that Trump knew about before inviting Vladimir Putin to the G-7 summit.

We’re likely to see Trump’s unpopularity peak among the military, particularly among officers, while he’s also being forced to break a promise that was a pillar of his 2016 campaign and resonated with the bigots in his base. These people aren’t too likely to vote for Biden, but this is yet another betrayal in a two-week span from Trump that might make just enough of them stay home in November.

For Republican senators counting on Donald Trump to turn out their voters, this is the worst news possible, as many of them decided to stay quiet while Trump was taking funding from military bases in their states. Now they’ll be forced to run on the platform of a weak president who can’t even deliver on the most central part of his platform while also getting flak from their Democratic opponents about how they failed to support the troops in their home states when funding meant for military bases was being seized for Trump’s vanity project.

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