At least Donald Trump is going broke

Donald Trump is getting tens of thousands of Americans killed in a desperate and incoherent attempt at somehow boosting his pathetic approval rating going into the election. All signs suggest that Trump’s inept plan is only making his election prospects even worse. Now there are further signs that Trump’s negligence isn’t just killing and bankrupting the nation, it’s bankrupting him too.

It all started when, just a couple weeks after the United States economy started to shut down, Donald Trump and the Trump Organization were already reduced to begging Deutsche Bank to delay loan repayments. This wasn’t particularly surprising, considering Trump has always run his businesses from a cash-poor and debt-heavy angle. Best anyone can tell, his debts outstrip his assets, meaning he’s not a billionaire and has a negative net worth.

Now comes the news from CNN that Donald Trump is laying off thousands of workers at his properties, including Mar-a-Lago and Doral. It’s a reminder that Trump’s idiotically self-destructive endgame is wiping him out financially as well as politically.

This also raises questions about why Donald Trump’s puppet, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is so desperate to reopen the state’s economy in the middle of a deadly pandemic. DeSantis isn’t up for reelection for another two-plus years, so if he were acting in his own best interest, he’d be playing the long game with the pandemic. Instead he appears to be trying to get Trump’s properties in Florida reopened, before Trump goes completely bankrupt. Go figure.

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