The real reason Mike Pence went AWOL this morning

One day soon we’ll be reaching the bunker stage with the Trump administration. It’s not comforting to find Vice President Pence has abruptly canceled his New Hampshire trip. Fox News announced it was an emergency turn around and, typically, the White House is doing a one-eighty by saying Pence never left. It might be an emergency, but it’s just as likely to be the regular slurry of incompetence and dishonesty within the administration.

What is for sure is Trump is losing it. Bigly. Dementia or stress, either way, he’s becoming incoherent. Pence’s actions are surely related to: Trump’s taxes, the Mueller Report, Trump’s dementia, Deutsche Bank, and/or the next appalling scandal. Any of the above are horrific on many levels, but there’s one thing you can count on. Something is disturbingly wrong. We’ve got tanks and military vehicles in DC, an illegitimately elected president who says he won’t leave the White House when he’s tossed out of office, on our border, we have 9500 border agents laughing on Facebook about the cruel deaths of immigrants.

Welcome to the United Fascist States of America. Its blueprint: Our Dear Leader loves other Dear Leaders and our allies can be ignored or insulted. He’s got under-the-table deals going all over the place without any transparency whatsoever. Soon we’ll be rounding up the homeless and sending them to camps and complaining about the smell as they are bulldozed into ditches.

Seriously, whatever is happening, the only protection we have is our journalists. Love them or hate them, they are the only thing gluing the republic together and they will be the only thing holding all these criminals to account in the judgement of history. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff are going forward, and they may be white hats. But to ensure they do the right thing; the press has to ride them also. This July 4th, let’s celebrate America and its free press. We won’t survive without it. And thank God it’s not quitting any time soon.

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