The Trump baby strikes back

Aside from President Obama, the stock market, and the Mueller report, one of Donald Trump’s more inane obsessions on Twitter throughout the year has been the Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., a normally non-partisan event that he has managed to ruin like so many other American traditions.

Trump didn’t get his costly and downright un-American parade of tanks in time for the Fourth last year, so now he’s trying to make the festivities be all about him in some other way – tossing around bone-headed ideas like giving a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, effectively turning the event into yet another campaign rally. In order to arrange this, the event’s organizers were forced to relocate the fireworks display, canceling out one of the real attractions sightseers might turn out for.

As with any occasion, Trump sees it as yet another reason to draw attention to himself and force his brand down everyone’s throat. None of these tweets seem to consider the counter-protests that accompany functions he appears at (and which he is almost certainly sheltered from seeing.)

A group of activists known as Code Pink have decided to fight back in a way that may change that – filing for permission to fly the infamous Baby Trump blimp over Washington while Trump rants about Democrats or the media as he usually does, things that probably not even his supporters want to hear him complain about on the Fourth.

The blimp has yet to be approved, but if it is, Trump would be forced to rant beneath it. It’s possible that the administration or supporters of Donald Trump could push to have the baby blimp removed – but that could probably cause more of an embarrassment than if they simply let it fly.

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