Donald Trump just backed himself into a corner

Donald Trump is still bragging about his latest non-accomplishment – an agreement actually made months ago with the Mexican government, in which they make no new concessions, but he’s quickly becoming the only one bragging. The media could have spun the new deal in his favor as a way to appear fair to the administration, but they wasted no time in exposing it for the pigeon drop it was.

Shortly after the White House announcement, Sen. Chuck Schumer congratulated Trump in a tweet, sarcastically reminding him that he has no more leverage to call for border wall funding. Congressional Republicans are largely relieved that the tariffs haven’t been implemented – and they probably would have pushed back with legislation if Trump hadn’t canceled them. They also seem to realize what Schumer pointed out – justifying Trump’s racist vanity project is getting harder and harder to do, if Sen. Lindsey Graham is any indication.

“A wall will not fix this problem,” The #NeverTrumper turned sycophant said unironically during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about dealing with the number of migrants at our southern border. Graham didn’t necessarily say he was against building a wall, just that it would offer no practical value if it was established along the American border, since migrants could still approach it and request asylum.

Building the wall in Mexico is of course never going to happen, so that leaves the GOP out of real options when it comes to the border wall Trump is obsessed with – a real problem as the Senate looks to debate border wall funding next week, something that could cost them with Trump’s racist base as they seek re-election next year.

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