George Nader’s arrest is really bad news for Donald Trump

The end is coming. How do we know? George Nader has been arrested on child pornography charges. He is the infamous person who was there at the Erik Prince/Russian banker meeting in the Seychelles. He knows exactly what a Trump conspiracy looks like because he was in the thick of it.

With his usefulness to the Mueller investigation tapped out for now, the Feds arrested him at JFK airport. He is a repeat offender and is facing a minimum of 15 years. Fed time means no parole, non-negotiable mandatory minimums and rigid sentencing guidelines. Nader was mentioned heavily in the Mueller report and if there is any more information to be squeezed from him, you can bet all the other jurisdictions such as the EDVA, SDNY, EDNY and USAO-DC will be all over it.

Donald Trump can expect the same. Now that the main Mueller investigation is wound down, all the tangential investigations will be going forward with no room for Trump to negotiate a deal after January 20, 2021. The best part of this is each jurisdiction will be fighting over the demented remains of whatever will be left of The Donald. His family can expect the same.

Mueller diagramed evidence of conspiracy in his report and was forced to conclude there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Trump. That, of course, doesn’t mean there was no evidence. Mueller was forced to end his investigation early because Bill Barr was appointed Attorney General. There’s still more out there and Trump knows it.

The Feds are really good at playing the long game. They are also the masters of playing good cop/bad cop with a straight face. Nader has faced the music before and beat it by cooperating. He has a false sense of security now that he’s played the Feds more than once or he would never have arrived back in the United States. Will he now spill the beans even further? That’s to be seen. But either way, this is catastrophic news for Trump. Trump doesn’t know the Mueller investigation is a Hydra. You can cut its head off, but it just grows six more.

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