How to take down William Barr and Don McGahn in one fell swoop

No pun intended, but the next step to take against this lawless administration is to file for Attorney General Bill Barr’s disbarment in front of their respective state bars. The reason Mnuchin and McGahn are free to ignore subpoenas is they know they have time. To wend through the court system is not instant, and even if their subpoenas were upheld, the carrot for their “bad” behavior will be a Presidential pardon. Additionally, no one at the Department of Justice is going to lift a finger to enforce the law while its figurehead, Bill Barr, is Trump’s lapdog.

It’s now laughable for Republicans to get a subpoena to appear before Congress. The refrain is, “Who’s gonna make me?” And they’re partially right until Nadler and Pelosi win their subpoena battles in court. This is why Barr’s law license needs to yanked. He is clearly unwilling to enforce the laws of this country; he is also willing to make up his own interpretations of settled case law to protect Trump. We’ve seen enough. There’s essentially no Attorney General when the person who’s head of the DOJ ceases being an attorney. Barr’s disbarment would be a major setback for this entire administration.

And while we’re on the subject of disbarment, McGahn and his law firm of lickspittles, Jones Day, need a serious review of their law licenses. If Jones Day thinks it’s okay for their partners to ignore subpoenas, let them answer before the state bar too. The state bar has no merit at all if their “lawyers” are allowed to run amok because Trump tells them to.

Donald Trump has apparently let it be known that if Don McGahn were to testify, he would no longer advocate that Republicans use McGahn’s law firm, Jones Day. The RNC paid Jones Day two million plus in fees just for April of this year. That’s in addition to all the Russian money being raked in by this firm from their Russian clients. Are these lawyers registered with FARA? The state bar needs to do their bloody job and look into Jones Day.

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