The real reason William Barr is so villainously out of control

Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, just answered Attorney General Bill Barr’s request for information. Far from being troubled, Coats answered in the age-old, polite rebuff of any adult responding to a child: “the Intelligence Community (IC) will provide the Department of Justice all of the appropriate information for its review of intelligence activities related to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” The key word here is “appropriate”. Coats is not going to reveal our Russian assets, nor is he going to burn our Five Eyes-agreement nations.

The free world is holding its breath, waiting for 2020. The damage Trump and his tantrums can cause is frightening and we must brace ourselves. But there are still some good people who know this. Dan Coats is one. The mystery surrounding Bill Barr and his actions can be quelled thanks to a Washington Post report from January that Barr is is a big fan of Opus Dei, the conservative Catholic organization that traitor Robert Hanssen belonged to. Their philosophy is to achieve worldly power and that any means justify their end.

The reason this is important is not to spout conspiracy theory or anti-Catholic hate, but to explain Bill Barr’s moral vacuum when it comes to his loyalty to the United States. It’s just not there, and he’s fine with it. Questioning his religious affiliation is not appropriate in order to confirm an Attorney General, whether that person be Christian, Muslim, or whatever. Bill Barr can worship as he pleases. But his job is to protect and defend the Constitution, and that fidelity is absolutely missing in his overriding fidelity to the philosophy of Opus Dei. He should be impeached just for that.

But Dan Coats is on to William Barr. So, surely, is Five Eyes. Rest easy. The big pushback is coming. The Intelligence Community is on lockdown till it’s safe to work with an American administration.

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