Bernie Sanders gets desperate

With Joe Biden’s nationwide momentum continuing to expand, and poll numbers in key upcoming swing states now shifting heavily in Biden’s favor, Bernie Sanders is running out of time – literally. He had to cancel an event in Mississippi, where he wasn’t going to do well anyway, essentially forfeiting the state so he could travel to Michigan and try to prevent a surging Biden from picking off the state.

This kind of triage makes sense, for a candidate whose path to victory is narrowing by the day. Here’s where it gets screwy. Bernie Sanders has decided that his key to victory is a last minute Fox News town hall event on the night before voting takes place. Wait, what?

Sanders, with his far left policies, won’t win over a single supporter by doing an event with Fox News, whose viewers are all either center right or far right. So what’s he doing? He’s trying to take advantage of Michigan’s open primary format, which allows registered independents and registered republicans to vote in the democratic primary race.

Sanders is putting himself in front of Michigan’s Trump supporters on Monday night in the hope that they’ll be motivated to go vote for him as a spoiler, in order to slow down Joe Biden’s momentum. This is precisely how Sanders won Michigan four years ago. Now he’s trying to make it happen again. The thing is, though, Trump fans tried this in South Carolina, and Biden still won.

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