The big secret Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know

It hardly went unnoticed that Donald Trump decided to spend the weekend acting more like a right-wing basement troll instead of a president by tweeting 125 times about an insane new conspiracy theory involving President Obama. This would be bad if the country were carrying on business as usual, but it’s the single worst demonstration of why Donald Trump is incapable of leading when the country is bogged down in perhaps the worst crisis of the 21st century to date, and why he doesn’t deserve a second term.

We speculated that his latest tweeting rampage was a new, delusional tactic to win re-election – one that probably only Donald Trump believes can somehow work, but it could be something more immediate that’s gotten under his skin. The Supreme Court will soon decide on whether to turn his taxes over to Congress. Tim O’Brien of Bloomberg News suspects that Donald Trump doesn’t want us to see in them and he has good reason to think that.

After all, he was sued by Trump back in 2006 for misreporting the size of Trump’s fortune and got a glimpse of his taxes then. “My lawyers got the returns, and while I can’t disclose specifics, I imagine that Trump is hesitant to release them now because they would reveal how robust his businesses actually are and shine a light on some of his foreign sources of income,” O’Brien writes.

When you see Donald Trump in a state of constant meltdown, it’s safe to assume that whatever’s bothering him is something that directly affects him – particularly how he’s seen by the public. After all, that’s been his primary frustration with the entire COVID-19 crisis – not how many people will lose their lives, but whether or not he’ll come out of it and be seen as competent. Even if his taxes don’t reveal anything shady, but show him with less of the wealth that he claims, it’s likely to set him off on a path of even more self-destructive moves – and it’s likely we’ll see some of them leaked in one form or other before Election Day.

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