Bill Barr goes to hell

With each day, it becomes harder to ignore the very clear and present danger Donald Trump is to not only the country but the world at large – and now even Trump’s closest allies realize that he’s more of a liability than an asset. That’s why Chuck Grassley has even gone so far as to put two judicial appointments on hold, while Lisa Murkowski had to publicly threaten she might not back his re-election. These are largely calculated moves that we can’t entirely trust, but another one of their colleagues in the Senate has taken things a step further.

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia has called on William Barr to resign in light of the attacks on protestors in Lafayette Park, calling him unfit for office. We don’t have any reason to believe that Barr will actually step down without a fight, but that’s kind of the point. Warner’s a Democrat and hasn’t been crazy about Barr from the time he was nominated to take over for Jeff Sessions, but his most recent call might just give Republican senators a target to take their attention away from Donald Trump, who knows that he can’t possibly touch Barr or it’ll end badly for both of them.

There’s probably not much likelihood that Barr is going to go anywhere, but the more traction Warner’s comments get, the more heat he’s likely to face from Republican senators who may be looking for someone to blame their shortcomings on. We’re likely to see at least a very ugly and public battle between Barr and Donald Trump in the days ahead, one that’s not likely to end well for either of them.

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