Donald Trump just screwed up and confessed to taking a billion dollar Saudi bribe

As the rate of Donald Trump’s cognitive collapse continues to accelerate, one of the big risks for him is blurting out his own dirty secrets. For instance, Trump appeared on the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News last night and confessed to having taken a billion dollar bribe from Saudi Arabia – something he surely wasn’t supposed to let out of the bag.

Donald Trump was trying to brag about how he only allows the U.S. military to be used by foreign governments if those governments pay for the privilege. It’s not clear why he thinks this is something to brag about to begin with, but here’s the thing. We all know Trump couldn’t care less about steering money into U.S. government coffers, because he only cares about personally enriching himself.

So when Trump said last night that Saudi Arabia has “already deposited a billion dollars in the bank” in exchange for the use of the U.S. military, what bank is he talking about? He’s clearly not talking about the U.S. Treasury. Instead he very much appears to be confessing that the Saudi Arabian government has deposited a billion dollars into his bank account, as a personal bribe for letting the Saudis order the U.S. military around in the region.

Donald Trump is making this too easy. Not only did he just confess to taking a billion dollar Saudi bribe, he just told the media and the New York Attorney General to start poking around and figure out which of Trump’s bank accounts this money was deposited into. Trump is now at a point of decline where he shouldn’t be speaking in public at all, for his own good – but his remaining handlers aren’t going to convince him to stop talking and giving things away.

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