We’ve entered the strangest black hole of the Trump debacle yet

What’s really going on right now? You tell me. Just how bad is the Mueller report for Donald Trump? How soon will the forces of the universe force it to become public? Has Trump been acting so derangedly this week because he truly thinks he’s off the hook for good, or because he thinks he’s merely off the hook for the moment?

Welcome to the strangest black hole yet in the DonaldTrump debacle. Even Trump doesn’t seem to know what to make of it anymore. His initial enthusiasm over his “exoneration” has faded as the week has gone on, with his initial bombast giving way to more middling tweets, and this morning he didn’t have anything to say at all. Sure, Trump often tweets a little less on the weekends. But isn’t he supposed to be in the middle of celebrating his complete and total vindication, or something? Since when does Trump stop bragging incessantly about things he’s convinced himself he’s won?

Maybe that’s because even Trump can see that his attempted coverup of the Mueller report is falling apart, and his guy William Barr is already backtracking by claiming that his initial summary wasn’t actually a “summary.” Or maybe there really is something to this strange new development in which Trump’s own staffers are suddenly telling the media that he’s too “tired” to participate in a reelection campaign. Has Trump given up on a second term, and his strategy is now to try to stall the Mueller report until after his first term ends? Even if that is his plan, it won’t work.

But really, we’re all in the same black hole right now. Donald Trump doesn’t know how much trouble he’s in, and neither do we; we only know that he’s in trouble. Trump doesn’t know when the Mueller report will surface, and neither do we; we only that it will. We don’t know why Trump is suddenly quiet and “tired” just a week after his imaginary vindication, and perhaps he doesn’t know either. We’re all stuck in this strange moment, and no one knows what’s on the other side of it. But with the way these things go, that could change very soon.

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