Blood on his hands

It was inevitable that Trump would have blood on his hands. If he’d been splashed by the mass shootings and his rallies of hate, he’s now over his head and drowning in it with his betrayal of the Kurds. Our national security is compromised with ISIS fighters being released and our allies are reevaluating whether we can be trusted.

Here’s the news: yes, we can be trusted – to vote this criminal out of office, to investigate his family and cronies, and to throw them all in prison for a long time. This unfortunately will not bring back the dead. The photos, videos and reports out of Syria are sickening. That we are using our troops to please Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s dictator, Erdogan, is nauseating. But the ultimate projectile vomit-inducing point is that all of this is because Trump is Putin’s little puppet.

Putin benefits from all these actions. He is crowing to see us in retreat in Syria. We’re even handing off our bases and territory to his soldiers. He looks reliable. We looked corrupt and incompetent. Putin is trolling the US. Most Republican voters are too stupid to see it or too greedy to care how we look. The only thing we have is our steadfast bureaucrats who are now blowing the whistle on this administration’s corruption.

History will be the final judge. It will not treat Trump & Co kindly. It will also show the chess game being played with the dead that we’re seeing in real time now. We’re heading into the final year of the Trump administration before we can vote him out. Our government moves slowly and that can serve well as a stabilizing force. Our “President” has the powers to move quickly and that is utterly horrifying when he’s an incompetent malignant narcissist.

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