Donald Trump goes completely bonkers as it all goes wrong for him

We saw it coming when Donald Trump posted a profoundly racist tweet last night referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.” With everything failing for him, he was looking to solidify his racist base, for fear he’ll lose his remaining supporters as the pandemic grows worse. Today, Trump’s behavior continued to veer into the gutter.

First Trump attacked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, while bizarrely insisting that politics be left out of it:

Then Trump decided to go after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – and it’s obvious he doesn’t even know her name:

Of course the thing these two Governors have in common is that they’re both Democrats, so he’s attacking them both with abandon. Donald Trump knows he can’t win New York in November, so he’s throwing the entire state under the bus. Trump is holding out hope of winning Michigan, so he’s attacking the Governor while pretending to care about the people of the state. Talk about playing politics.

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