Donald Trump gives completely bonkers speech after laughably small crowd shows up to his Tulsa rally

After a ton of hype, controversy, and claims of a million or more ticket requests, Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally has gone out with a whimper. Large chunks of the arena are empty. There is no overflow crowd at all, and news camera crews are already showing the overflow area being dismantled. So how is Trump taking the news?

When Donald Trump finally took the stage to a laughably small crowd tonight, he started off with a completely bonkers fake story about how protesters had somehow blocked most of the Trump fans from being able to get into the building. Then he began incoherently ranting about AOC and petroleum, before telling an incomprehensible story about a CNN anchor shaving his head. Trump’s speech is goofier than anything that Saturday Night Live could come up with to mock him for.

Of course once the rally is over, we’ll see how Donald Trump really feels about the laughable crowd that his inept campaign people managed to draw. At this point it may simply be a question of which of them he scapegoats and fires. The Trump campaign bet big on the insane notion that it could fill a large arena in a coronavirus hotspot city during a pandemic, and it’s clearly lost that bet.

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