Brad Parscale is in deep trouble tonight

Imagine throwing a party for your boss, and no one shows up. Now imagine throwing a party for your boss, getting him all excited about how many people are attending in his honor, and then no one shows up. Now imagine throwing a party for your malignantly narcissistic boss, telling the entire world that a million people have RSVP’d for the party, and then no one shows up – at a time when your boss is in danger of getting fired, and if he does, he’s going to prison.

As absurd of a scenario as that may be, it’s precisely what Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale did to Donald Trump tonight. Parscale bet big that if he held a rally in a deep red state like Oklahoma, he could get enough Trump fanatics to show up in the middle of a pandemic, just so Trump’s ego could be stroked. After all, if Trump saw an arena full of cheering idiots, maybe he’d believe it when his campaign tells him that his bad poll numbers are somehow fake.

But that didn’t happen, did it? Sure, Parscale is insisting that Trump’s speech to the crowd on the overflow stage was only canceled because protesters overran the place. But we all saw Air Force One fly over the arena. Trump could see that there was no one in the overflow space to begin with. Trump could surely also see that at least one-third of the blue seats in the arena were empty while he was speaking.

The real problem here is Donald Trump himself. He’s in charge of this crap fest. It’s all being done according to his liking. If he didn’t want people like Parscale to be running things this way, he’d have them running it some other way. But Trump can’t fire himself. Nor can he admit to himself that this is his fault. We don’t know if he’ll actually fire Parscale tonight or not – but one way or the other, Parscale is in deep trouble.

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