Brad Parscale is in total freefall

Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally was one of the biggest blunders in modern U.S. presidential election history. Everyone involved with it is to blame for the humiliating failure, which has generated endless negative headlines and furthered the narrative that even Trump’s supporters are giving up on him as he circles the drain.

Donald Trump himself is the biggest problem, of course. He’s done such a psychotically awful job as president, its not surprising that he can’t draw a crowd anymore. And he was the one who wanted to feel the rush of giving an in-person rally speech during a pandemic. But Trump can’t fire himself, so his campaign needs overhauled. He spent the weekend making no changes at all, suggesting that either he doesn’t see any good options, or he’s too far gone to make decisions anymore.

But even as Trump waffles and whines, his 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale is in total freefall. Someone in the Trump regime is now leaking to Vanity Fair that Parscale is planning to resign. If this is true, then it means Parscale is heading for the exits before Trump can work up the nerve to fire him. If this is a false leak, it means someone close to Trump is so eager to get rid of Parscale, he or she is planting stories aimed at creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

Either way, Parscale is in huge trouble. He’s the one who’s nominally in charge of this failed campaign. And since he’s one of the few people left around Donald Trump who isn’t a member of his family, Parscale is the obvious scapegoat. Considering how badly he’s blowing this, we kind of hope Trump doesn’t get rid of him too soon.

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