According to the Federal Criminal Complaint filed against the Russian troll farm for conspiracy against the United States, one of the points the bots were required to make was the idea that if Donald Trump were impeached and removed, this would be a direct path to civil war.

Coincidence? Of course not. If you’ve read anything about Putin’s stranglehold on the Trump administration and the Republican Party, it’s simply the instructed behavior for Putin’s minions, of which our “president” is one. We predict these talking points are bound to be among the private conversations between Trump and Putin, as Trump and his followers aren’t intelligent enough to conceive of this talking point on their own.

It’s imperative that we retrieve all these conversations from the national security server where Trump’s people buried them. Putin is already rumbling that he doesn’t want them revealed because it isn’t going to win him any points with the next president, who is likely to be a Democrat. Putin is, after all, a survivor. If the US sanctions against Russia are hurting him now, he knows he’ll be in a world of pain when it’s finally revealed how much he conspired with Trump to throw the election.

All we can say is: Sweet. Let ‘er rip. Putin needs to screw off all the way back to Siberia. And Trump needs to rot in ADX Florence along with his family. This has been treason from the start, when Trump first had the idea of running for office. We understand Putin is a sneaky little weasel, but inviting that weasel to our American table to shit all over the tablecloth is unacceptable. And the man who issued that invitation needs to go to prison for life just for that.

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