Buckle up for a truly crazy week

This week is going to be epic. The cracks in the GOP are going to widen into crevasses and we predict several GOP Senators will fall into them. Watch who’s making the wildest defenses of Trump and you may find these are the ones who are the most compromised. Nancy Pelosi isn’t lying when she says all roads lead to Russia because she knows a lot more than we do, and we predict by the end of this impeachment, we’re going to know a lot more too.

In the meantime, Trump is losing his mind on Twitter. He isn’t worried at all about his legacy or his “good name” because none of that is important to a narcissist. Narcissists believe they are never going to die because they can’t imagine a world without themselves in it and the only good name they care about is maintained in the bubble around them. But what is important to them is fighting off narcissistic injury in the here and now. Prison is what Trump is afraid of and he knows it is looming.

Russia, Russia, Russia has been involved in the GOP now for years and we’re going to start seeing revelations of this by the day. Don’t be surprised if there are more Republican “retirements” and don’t be surprised if there is a sudden waterfall of flippers. The first ones to flip get the best deals, so it has a domino effect. We suspect this weekend there was a lot of soul searching and a lot of fear.

Even if Mitch McConnell is somewhat successful in blocking a lot of witnesses, questions are starting to be asked, uncomfortable questions, and in dark corners that were never meant to see the light of day. The questions won’t end with the impeachment and the GOP knows this. Trump is merely a symptom of the rot within the party but because he’s so stupid and corrupt, he’s placed scrutiny on all of them now. It is not survivable. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic for all of us.

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