Buckle up, it’ll only get stupider from here

We hope everyone buckled up for 2020 because here we go. We now have Trump making independent calls on who the military should neutralize. Qasem Soleimani was America’s enemy, no doubt, and many are celebrating his demise. But now we’re in a rabbit hole of distrust. The Gang of Eight in Congress wasn’t notified of Trump’s actions; furthermore, it’s impossible not to believe Trump didn’t pick this time to distract from his impeachment.

Innocents will now be killed, Iran has now nothing to lose in retaliation, and, thanks to Trump removing us from the Iran deal, we now have no leverage in that country. Utter chaos will be our prize for this action. But to Trump, all this is irrelevant. Trump & Co. doesn’t care. What they do care about is impeachment.

So, Iran aside, we are now going to plow ahead and remain focused on the Mueller Report and the current impeachable offenses made obvious by Trump’s behavior. The dots are connected that Trump personally ordered the Ukrainian funds to be withheld even as the Pentagon stated that Trump’s action was illegal. The Grand Jury testimony from Mueller’s investigation is being fought over in the Court of Appeals. It’s also being revealed that Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans were underwritten by Russian state-owned and sanctioned VTB bank.

Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler know Trump is owned by Russia. They know all the Trump distractions. They also know he’s a traitor and has to be brought to heel. But, ultimately, it will be the American people who vote this monster out of office and, afterward, it will be the Department of Justice who prosecute him for his crimes. In the meantime, it’s vital to ignore the inevitable Iranian threats and stay focused on the impeachment. Make sure your Republican Senator knows he/she will be voted out of office if they don’t hold Trump to account. We can’t control the world, but one way to make it safer and more peaceful is to make sure a malignant narcissist isn’t at the helm.

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