Buckle up, it’s about to get even uglier

There’s a new ring in the sh*tshow circus and it’s Donald Trump’s rants. He’s not going to quit; in fact, we predict he’ll be shouting more and more in front of the cameras.

In Trump World, the only thing that matters is appearance. Substance doesn’t factor in their landscape. And the best way to put on an appearance is in front of the cameras. Trump knows this all too well, as his entire career has been a gold-plated sham that has kept him propped up with loans, self-dealing and criminal activity. He is a product of his own narrative, and because this has always worked in the past, look for him to insist on doing it here. He will now take every opportunity to speak in front of the cameras because instead of understanding the reality of him appearing more and more unhinged, he feels that only HE can speak to the American people and sway their opinions. Count on him to do this.

It’s a folly. It’s insane. His people who have even the slightest grasp on reality would like to hold back his behavior. Laughably, this will never happen. Trump is now set to go full-bore crazy in front of any camera willing to turn his way. He is a vampire and cameras are his blood. Everyone in this country should gird themselves for the most embarrassing behavior imaginable from this loon. The right will never see it. They’ll say disingenuously that the Dems drove Trump crazy. But of course, it’s not the Dems going after Trump, it’s the US Constitution. Trump won’t see any of this because the Constitution doesn’t mention his name.

Everyone should tune out Trump in the future, or buy enough popcorn to watch the meltdowns and appease your schadenfreude. This is going to get ugly, but here’s our prediction: The Constitution will win; Trump will go down; the US will be back on track in 2020. The only thing to know now is that the circus has come to town and the American people can chose to attend it, or ignore it, as is their right. Let freedom ring.

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