Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride

It’s time (gag) to talk about Corey Lewandowski. His lying to Congress was despicable. But the argument now is why haven’t the Dems slapped him in handcuffs and thrown him the clink. We think we have the answer to that.

For the sheer satisfaction of it, we all would love to see one of these thugs get what’s coming to them. But patience is still the key to bringing down this administration. Trump tweeted his approval and thanks for Lewandowski’s opening statement practically in real time. Lewandowski, like others, is acting on behalf of Trump, obstructing, delaying and lying for him. The real reason Lewandowski has free rein to act this way is because Trump has his back. But the thing to remember is that Trump has his back for now.

This administration has been built on hubris and lies, and it will topple with the same, once Trump is voted out of office. The lies will still be lies and they will still be prosecutable in a year. Hold fast. In the meantime, know that the arrogance and sheer stupidity of people like Lewandowski will be their undoing. Don’t think Representatives Nader, Swalwell and Schiff haven’t got a prosecutor in the wings just waiting to get these folks for lying to our Congress. Let these thugs have their false sense of security. It’s leading them off the cliff, only they don’t know it yet.

It’s difficult watching these thugs flip the bird to our Congress and declare absolute immunity. But it’s a trap. Trump is acting as puppet master and he will issue a quick pardon to anyone he feels has been treated “unfairly.” So right now, the only option is to treat his minions with kid gloves and keep them talking. Get all the info possible. Let them lie and lie and lie. It will boomerang back on all of them as soon as their protector is gone from office. Hold tight. Vote. We can’t say it enough.

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