Donald Trump can’t handle what’s about to happen to him

When Donald Trump tells you not to worry, it’s definitely time to worry. Coronavirus is quickly heading toward a pandemic and with Trump’s chaotic administration, it’s a sure thing to expect more chaos. The one place that’s handled coronavirus the most completely is Singapore. With fingers crossed, there have been no deaths there yet. This is due to the fact that they have an excellent healthcare system that knows how to handle an epidemic. The government has also been praised by the World Health Organization for its tracing of cases and quarantine abilities.

In the US, we could have a problem with coronavirus – not because the biggest threat comes not from China, but rather from the fact that our government has been corrupted and defanged by Trump for political purposes. We have professionals on the ground who are excellent, and they will perform their jobs with valor. We predict they will be able to avert what has happened in China, but it won’t be because of Trump.

If anything, our professionals will have to swim upstream against his lying, politicized fever swamp of a presidency. Any good news will be stolen by him in order to preen. The bad news will be buried or spun until it’s unrecognizable.

So, in this slurry of corruption, we want to ask our readers to wash their hands frequently, and completely refrain from touching their faces. There’s no need for a mask if you are not sick. But these precautions that are in place in Singapore need to be started here now, because we’re at the mercy of the fickle gods with our government in the hands of the Trump administration. Be proactive now, before Trump makes them so much worse. Because it’s a sure thing he will make things worse.

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