Donald Trump can’t stop what’s happening to him

Even with the coronavirus all but literally knocking on his door in the White House, Donald Trump still doesn’t seem to think that things like masks and social distancing are necessary. He thinks that testing alone can keep him safe, although based on his remarks about testing, he’s not too keen on that either.

The thing is, even the now-obsessive coronavirus testing taking place at the White House isn’t going to be enough to keep people in the building safe. Scientific experts have been saying for quite awhile now that it’s possible to have the coronavirus and still test negative for it, if you’re asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. Now it’s gotten even more confusing.

General Joseph Lengyel was tested for coronavirus on his way into a meeting with Donald Trump on Sunday, and he tested positive. But ABC News says that this same General was tested again later in the same day, and the second time around he tested negative. So does he have the virus? No one is sure.

The point is that while mass testing is crucial to keeping the coronavirus contained, it’s not sufficient on its own. The only way for Donald Trump to have kept the coronavirus out of the White House in the first place would have been to take proactive steps early on. But this idiot Trump kept holding meetings and press briefings without social distancing, and still doesn’t want anyone wearing a mask. So now all he has to protect himself is testing, and it’s not a foolproof solution. Trump can’t stop the coronavirus from reaching him. The only question is if or when he ends up infected, if it hasn’t been already.

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