Chris Wallace destroys lying Donald Trump stooge on the air

Now that Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally is a humiliating bust, with Trump giving an incoherent speech to a fairly small crowd and a ton of empty seats, the attempts at damage control have begun. Trump himself hasn’t publicly said anything, an indictor of where his head might be right now. But one of his advisers drew the short straw and had to go on TV this morning and try to spin the whole thing.

That ended up being Trump adviser Mercedes Schlapp. She went on the Chris Wallace Sunday morning show on Fox News, and tried making various arguments for why the small crowd wasn’t actually small, or didn’t actually matter, or was only small because protesters somehow chased away the Trump fans. But Wallace was having none of it.

Chris Wallace flat out stated that the Trump campaign looked “silly” for trying to pretend that the poorly attended rally somehow went well. He cited the campaign’s decision to cancel Trump’s planned speech on an outdoor overflow stage, because virtually no one was at the outdoor stage.

As Schlapp tried hurling even more nonsense at the wall to see if any of it would stick, Chris Wallace ultimately declared, “The arena was empty. You can’t deny it.”

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