GOP implodes as Chuck Grassley blames Sean Hannity for Donald Trump’s collapse

There’s no more sure sign that Donald Trump and the GOP are in 2020 trouble than when they start publicly blaming each other for what’s going wrong. When Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump what his priorities are for a second term, Trump gave a babbling incoherent non-answer that was almost shockingly awful, even for him.

Now Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is blaming Hannity of all people for not finding a way to bail Trump out of his failed answer:


Notably, Grassley is admitting that Donald Trump is so far gone in the cognitive department, he needs to be fed answers by dummies like Hannity in order to have any chance of sounding coherent. But when we’re at the point where GOP leaders are openly blaming Hannity for Trump’s inability to think or speak or function, let’s just say that things are unraveling rather quickly now.

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