Just how far down the Trump-Russia rabbit hole did the CIA go?

“There’s gold dust in the chicken feed.” This is paraphrased from a LeCarré novel. It’s an old spy term that has now gone the way of satire, but it’s still applicable to Trump & Co. We’re all wondering if Jarvanka is selling us out, one patent, one state secret, at a time. The Chinese are reportedly partying at Mar-a-Lago like it’s 1999, and every Republican I can name seems to have taken a smiling picture with the “spa founder” from Jupiter, FL. You know, the one whose former massage parlors are accused of sex trafficking, and who specialized in bringing over Chinese executives to influence our figurehead – our prez who has gone viral with the Dunning-Kruger effect.

With talk that the Saudis, the Chinese and the Russians get the presidential daily briefing before our president does, another phrase comes to mind: With friends like these… So are we doomed? I highly suspect not. Because there’s gold dust in the chicken feed. Chicken feed is defined by the Spy Museum as, “Genuine, but not seriously damaging, intelligence knowingly provided to an enemy intelligence agency through an agent or a double agent to establish his bona fides.”

The intelligence community suspected Trump’s traitorous ties before he was elected. FISA warrants and our real friends abroad have been supplying intelligence since way before he became a serious candidate. Once the election was over and the Russian influence became crystal clear, there was only one thing to do. Put gold dust in the chicken feed.

We’re all getting impatient. The daily horror show just gets worse and worse till we’re almost numb to outrage anymore. I don’t know how much gold chickens***t we’ll ever be privy to, but I absolutely know it’s been put into the line. There’s a lot of talk of deza these days, the shortened Russian term for disinformation. This is essentially what the CIA does. It has departments and departments of chicken feed operations, and no, Mike Pompeo didn’t have the time to stop them all. If the FBI started looking into Trump before the election, I think it’s safe to conclude they had the CIA point out all their glittering “deposits.” This is the reason we don’t have action yet. Mueller is too busy with the gold rush.