Donald Trump spirals out of control as he circles the drain

Putting personal interest over that of the country is par for the course when it comes to Donald Trump. Despite his oath of office, Trump has never even pretended to value the advancement of American values whenever it’s impeded on enriching his own family. While multiple lawsuits are ongoing, debating Trump’s personal asset amelioration versus the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, nothing has yet stopped him from profiting from his illegitimately obtained office.

Trump has clearly used his position of power to amass as much wealth as possible before he is removed from office. Until that happens, we can only expect further usurpation of Constitutional rights to advance himself and his family. While Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, clearly wants to impeach Trump, she has yet to even announce that an official impeachment inquiry is in sight.

Too bad for Trump, those “fake” polls he bitched about were enough to get his pollsters fired. Competent bosses don’t fire an employee for speaking the difficult truth. Such an action only reveals more about the person doing the firing than the person being let go. To fire a pollster doing their job, one must be exceptionally desperate. Trump must have known that such an action would be made public, and would also lead everyone to believe the polls reported were not only accurate but also damaging to his newly announced reelection campaign.

The facts remain the same. Trump is losing in a majority of swing states and he just couldn’t accept the truth. While polls are to always be taken with a grain of salt, such a huge potential deficit for an incumbent is always devastating. To be fair, Trump is not a legitimate president, nor are we dealing in historical times, but trailing nearly every Democratic candidate was clearly enough to send Trump over the edge, thus resulting in the firing of the pollsters. As things get worse for Trump, watch for his actions to become even more erratic.

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