Donald Trump is closer to his downfall than ever

There’s a new Quinnipiac poll out now that has Trump trailing Joe Biden by 13 points, and Bernie Sanders by 11. The joke, of course, goes that Trump is also trailing Root Canals by ten points, and Thoracic Surgery Sans Anesthesia by five. Regardless, these numbers are making America great again.

What we need to work on now are the numbers of those who prefer Struck by Ebola versus Undecided. We can’t do anything about the crowd that prefers Struck by Ebola. But we can gnaw away at Undecided. And there are still undecided people out there. Like Bigfoot and Unicorns, it doesn’t seem real that someone hasn’t picked a side by this late date, but stuff happens, and people get too busy to keep up with the news. Slowly but surely, however, they’re being pushed along. What is helping are comments by Trump himself, such as taking the side of Kim Jong Un and not his CIA. It does make one beg to ask these undecided folks, “But other than that, madame, how did you like the play?”

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nader has now announced he believes Mueller will testify before Congress well before the end of summer. People not responding to Congressional subpoenas are getting called on the carpet. Jim Jordan was made to look like a complete idiot while questioning the iconic John Dean. Our great asset, the farmers, are being yanked around. Following as I do some heavy duty Trumpsters on social media, many of them have gone strangely silent on the subject of Dear Leader.

We are winning. It’s not time to take a break, sit on laurels and declare victory. But logic and kindness seem to be contagious and gaining ground. After all these horrifying years of gaslighting, lies and watching a walking, talking Emperor Without Any Clothes represent us around the world, it seems a lot of Americans are coming to their senses.

Don’t let up the pressure. Demand all these corrupt traitors be held accountable even if it takes decades to punish every single one of them. Americans are patient, even though it’s hard to remember that we can afford to be. We walk softly but carry a big stick. Let that stick knock them all the way to prison.

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