Trump’s clown show crashes and burns

The Republican Party beclowns itself hourly. The latest hilarity comes through the grace of Trump’s new defender, and, no, this time the clown show isn’t courtesy of an actual House Republican. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous, we were given the solo act of Mr. “Whip-It-Out-of-the-Grocery-Bag” smooth attorney, Steve Castor.

Now we’re all for recycling and reusing those durable bags from Whole Foods, but these are the guys arguing against both. Castor was neither making a statement in favor of the elite – whom Republicans perceive shop at Whole Foods – nor was he advocating for recycling in order to staunch climate change. Certainly, he wasn’t if the Republicans are paying him – which they might if Castor’s not unfortunately billed out as a contractor to Trump’s latest House of Cards.

But in all fairness, in Castor’s defense, he did a great job causing laugh-out-loud moments and eye rolls, the two things every trial attorney knows are the kiss of death for a case. Steve Castor, savant that he is, managed to pull off both in the same Get Smart moment with his grocery bag briefcase. Next, he then opened his mouth, and the hits just kept on coming. We salute him for it.

The thing to remember here is that this whole sh*tshow on the Republican side is playing out to an audience of one, Donald Trump. The artificial delays, pointless votes and inane questions are simply a way to garner their King’s favor and kill time. A lot of the participants are not only attempting to create a Fox News parallel universe – where up is down – but they are hanging on by their fingernails in the hope that somehow the magical thinking spun by the Narcissist-in-Chief will spray fairy dust over the eyes of the American public. They’re praying that regular folks will get confused and bored by the proceedings, and not see their own dirty fingerprints all over the crime scene.

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