This guy doesn’t have a clue

Donald Trump says that Turkey’s attack on Syria is “a bad idea.” Trump pulling our troops was a bad idea. He is clueless. Turkish forces have already killed several civilians, and this atrocity is just beginning. What does Trump say? He “stands behind” his decision. Words can barely articulate the terror this man is wreaking on the world. He has done such irreparable damage at home, but to take his unstable behavior out into the greater world, endangering innocent people in the process, is beyond abomination.

Trump’s fellow Republicans are not happy with him. One of his favorite lapdogs, Lindsey Graham, is livid. In fact, Graham referred to Trump’s decision as “a disaster in the making,” and for once, Graham is right. In response to Donald Trump’s unexplainable move, Graham and Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen have cosponsored a sanctions bill to target the assets of top Turkey officials, including Tayyip Erdogan. This bill will also restrict Turkish visas, sanction military transactions, and prohibit U.S. assistance to Turkey. Graham said to Politico that “while the Administration refuses to act against Turkey, I expect strong bipartisan support.” Yet, Trump continues to claim that ISIS is “100% eradicated.” It is unclear whether Trump actually believes his own fantasies or whether he thinks everyone else is just stupid enough to believe him.

Fox News also reports that Trump “went off script” in his call with Erdogan prior to pulling the troops from Syria. Who knows what Erdogan promised Trump in that call, which sounds eerily familiar to most of his calls of late? According to Fox, Erdogan promised that he was on a “peace mission” and that his mission was to “neutralize terror threats” and establish a “safe zone.” Part of that “safe zone” must include killing innocent Syrian citizens, making Erdogan the terror threat himself. Trump is also a terror threat not only to us in the United States but worldwide.

If the Republicans are willing to take such a strong stand against Trump in his Turkey debacle, why can’t they join forces with the Democrats and remove him from office before he does even more damage? It boggles the mind that they can come out so furiously against this latest bad Trump idea while continuing to support his bad ideas that are hurting our country. Trump has displayed a clear pattern in his dealings with foreign leaders, and his unsupported, unauthorized removal of troops from Syria is merely another part in an insane plan he began three years ago.

Now more than ever it is time for Republican lawmakers to stand up to the tyrant known as Donald Trump. They must take a stand for our country and for the greater world. Chris Cuomo quoted Senator Margaret Chase Smith from 1950, when she urged her fellow Republicans to “stand for the basic American values being trampled by McCarthyism; your duty is to the people not to party alone.” Take note Republicans of today. Stand with the people, not your party, which has become so misguided and opposite to everything for which America stands.

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