CNN confirms something wasn’t right with Donald Trump’s trip to Walter Reed hospital

Donald Trump was mysteriously taken to Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday for what the White House absurdly claimed was a three-months-early effort at getting the jump on his annual physical. Naturally, no one believed this, so around midnight Trump tweeted that he actually went to visit a military family, and that he just happened to get parts of his February 2020 physical done while he was there.

Coming into today, we were wondering if the mainstream media would simply parrot these obviously false claims from the Trump White House, or if the media would call out the whole thing for being a scandal and coverup. We heard the phrase “routine physical” an alarming number of times today. But to its credit, CNN decided to dig in and do its job.

CNN found sources who confirmed that Trump’s trip to Walter Reed was “abnormal” and that it didn’t follow what the protocol would have been for a routine presidential visit. The hospital staff wasn’t notified that Trump was coming, which means that the visit was not scheduled in advance. CNN is also pointing out that Trump’s entire annual physical would only have taken four hours, so there’s no above-board explanation for why he would have decided to go get part of it done, but not all of it.

We still don’t know what really happened here, beyond the fact that the Trump White House is obviously lying about it. For now there are two key takeaways. The first is that the mainstream media is digging into this. The second is that sources are already talking. That combination usually leads to the truth, or at least some of the truth, to come out before long.

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