Donald Trump gets the cold shoulder

“President” Trump’s visit to the UK made me respect its citizens and the royals even more than I did already. Who knew the Queen would throw shade by wearing the brooch gifted to her by the Obamas or that they would have the least known royal (Prince Andrew) escort Trump to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior? In addition to the royals slyly disrespecting Trump, a throng of UK citizens turned out to let “President” Trump know what they think of him.

Trump stood at a podium claiming that “thousands” came out to cheer him on and “show him love” while claiming that he saw “very few protesters.” Channel 4 helped him out, according to Newsweek, since he can’t count. These outlets estimate the total at 75,000. They marched from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square to protest his visit, and they were vocal. The “Trump baby” blimp was in attendance, complete with tiny hands. Of course, this is all “fake news” to Trump, but Newsweek points out that Trump likely mistook the “jeers for cheers.” According to Democracy Now, “In fact, the protest against the president greatly overwhelmed any well-wishers in London this week.”

To add further insult, the younger royals ignored him completely. Trump wanted his adult children to have a “next generation” meeting with Prince William and Prince Harry. CNN said that Trump believes he and his family are “American royalty.” Ha! There is absolutely nothing royal about that crime family enterprise. As pointed out by CNN, they have a lot to learn about giving and altruism to be even close to the royals. Instead, what they received was the royal cold shoulder. While Harry escorted Ivanka through an exhibition of American artifacts from the Royal Collection, as soon as he saw cameras, he walked away. Similarly, at the state dinner, William and Kate were seated as far away from Trump as possible. The Daily Beast (and other outlets) believe that Trump was dying for a photo opportunity with the young royals to use in his 2020 campaign. I’m glad he didn’t get it.

Trump couldn’t even clean up his act prior to visiting the UK, insulting the Mayor of London, denying that he called the Duchess of Sussex “nasty” (even though there is a recording), and interfering in the prime minister election. I suppose he just can’t help being crass, uncouth, and classless. He has no problem traveling the world, embarrassing the US at every turn. He also has no problem with wasting taxpayer dollars, spending millions on his UK trip by taking his adult children, who surely weren’t invited, with him and spending an additional $1,000,000 on limos for a two-day stay in Ireland.

The people in the UK can only imagine how much most Americans detest “President” Trump and appreciate their sincerity and support. In fact, I’m so grateful that I might just retire to the UK. Anything to get away from Trump. In the interim, I repeat my daily prayer: God, please let this nightmare end soon.

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