Donald Trump is completely adrift

The man who calls himself president is unfit to serve. Even as he spreads lies about the coronavirus “dying down,” he puts his staff at risk by sending them in to inspect venues before he will enter. Funny, I never thought you could see coronavirus, but we are talking about Trump. Yet, Trump tells his followers that we need to slow down testing to stop the numbers from rising, giving people false security about a dangerous, potentially deadly illness. Who does that? At the same time, the Independent reported that the White House (i.e., Trump) “abruptly” cut off funding to the National Institute of Health, which is involved in coronavirus research.

Trump wants coronavirus to be gone so badly that he is not only lying to the American people, but according to CNN, he is phasing out temperature checks and masks in the West Wing of the White House. He is concerned for no one but himself, though this phasing out could well backfire on him. If they fail to check temperatures and stop requiring masks, any number of his staff could bring the virus to him. Trump repeatedly shows his ignorance and stupidity. Already, six aides and two members of the Secret Service have tested positive. Now, CNN reports that yet another member of Trump’s team has tested positive: a senior economic official who was in the Rose Garden with Trump this month. Trump obviously has no clue just how dangerous COVID-19 is nor does he seem to care. He may think he is “Teflon Don,” but COVID-19 could care less and will strike him just like anyone else.

To show just how dialed out Trump has become with respect to the virus, he failed to show at the last coronavirus task force meeting, sending Mike Pence in his place. Instead of showing even a slight interest in the work of the task force, Trump sat in the White House, tweeting complaints about statues being removed. He skipped another meeting in New Jersey to “ensure that law and order is maintained over the weekend,” whatever that means. Some members have said that Trump’s absence is “not unusual,” as he has not attended a task force meeting since April. Perhaps this is how he plans to continue pretending that the virus does not exist. He is also apparently clueless that his lack of response to coronavirus is responsible for his continued drop in the polls.

Trump’s disapproval rating has hit an all-time high of 58% according to The Hill. Meanwhile, every new poll shows Trump being clearly outpaced by Biden, even in the swing states. The New York Times latest poll shows Biden up by 6 points in Florida, and that number is the lowest. Biden is up by 7 in Arizona, 11 in Michigan, 9 in North Carolina, 10 in Pennsylvania, and 10 in Wisconsin. Trump had better get his head out of his ass if he wants to be reelected. We, of course, hope he continues to play dumb, which is what he is anyway.

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