Donald Trump is completely off his rocker

The United States is in crisis over COVID-19, and what is “president” Donald Trump doing? Threatening to pardon Michael Flynn. Trump tweeted that he’s “strongly considering a full pardon for Michael Flynn.” We can thank William Barr for this. His order to the DOJ to conduct a review of Flynn’s case by an outside prosecutor has given Trump the greenlight.

Regardless of what these idiots think of the FBI, Flynn pled guilty because he is guilty. Now that Trump has everyone distracted by his mishandling of the Coronavirus, this seems to be a good idea to him. Trump has absolutely no scruples, no integrity, and he certainly does not deserve to be reelected to do more damage to our country.

NBC News released a poll showing Biden with a 9% margin over Trump in the general election. One of the MSNBC commentators asserted that the lead is “small,” but the other explained that during the primary, this is typical. Then, he said that if Trump is able to navigate the Coronavirus crisis, he will be tough to beat. Well, we’ve already seen his handling of the crisis. He does what he usually does: lie, misrepresent, and then try to pocket money from his corporate cronies. They are his concern, not us.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, directly addresses the need to prepare “a decisive economic response,” that will help “American workers, families, and small businesses.” Joe Biden gets it. Trump obviously does not. Trump’s greatest fear is that the Coronavirus will hurt his reelection chances. Seriously, Trump? The citizens of America surviving are the least of his self-centered concerns. Scott Trotter, blogger at View From Space, wrote that “it’s become really apparent that he’s botched this so badly that something needs to be said.” That is exactly what Joe Biden is doing. Following up on his video from last week Biden wrote an opinion piece for CNN, furthering his stance on combatting the virus. Biden continues to behave and act in a more presidential manner than Trump, and that is greatly benefitting his campaign.

Polls show Biden strongly ahead of Sanders in tomorrow’s primaries in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Arizona. Participating in a town hall with Arizona Congresswoman Dina Titus yesterday afternoon, we learned that Biden’s support in Arizona continues to grow. Mark Kelly issued his endorsement of Biden, as has Ruben Gallego. Titus shared that both she and Gallego are progressives, and they are encouraging progressive voters to get on board with Biden. Some of Biden’s agenda items might just surprise some of them, including his plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and expanding “Obamacare” to include a “free” option, which they call the first step toward Medicare for All. Medicare for All sounds good, but it must be carefully considered. Medicare pays only a portion of a person’s bill, and without private insurance patients, many doctors will close shop.

It’s best to keep exploring these ideas and determine how they work instead of going “full speed ahead” without considering any consequences. It appears that Biden has covered every eventuality, and we should at least visit his website and read his plans before discounting his value as a president.

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