Donald Trump has completely, totally lost it

On arguably the worst night of Donald Trump’s presidency (and a night to remember for the Resistance and any American who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law), Trump found himself inevitably impeached. The vote on Wednesday night was an event that few of us thought would ever get here, or could ever come soon enough. Least of all, perhaps, is Donald Trump himself.

We’re still a long way from repairing the damage he’s done to our democracy that made this impeachment inevitable. But aside from an inane rant on Twitter that wasn’t any more psychotic than what he’s tweeted on the days leading up to this, he traveled to Battle Creek, Michigan last night for yet another one of his hate rallies.

Mere minutes after Congress voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice, Trump was leading his base of bigots in cries of “Lock her up!” rather than focus on things like the inevitability of a trial in the Senate that’s quickly spiraling out of the control of fellow Republicans Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

That’s right. Shortly after the House recommended bringing charges against Trump, rather than mount anything resembling a practical legal defense, he decided to once again invoke Hillary Clinton, feeding baseless stories to his base about her potentially running for president in 2020 (highly unlikely, but better that Republicans channel their anger on her than look at potential, formidable opponents who Trump will likely face next year), and that somehow the inspector general’s report on the FISA probe implicates her. Rather than face his problems – many of his own doing – Trump is instead content to share in the delusions of his supporters.

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