You’re damn right Donald Trump is running concentration camps

Let’s go over this one more time. Trump is a wannabe dictator and the only things stopping him are House Democrats and tort lawyers. The rule of law should be doing the trick, along with prosecutors. But with many indictments still sealed, with Robert Mueller having been effectively fired by Bill Barr, and with Nancy Pelosi in a holding pattern on impeachment, not much is foiling his authoritarian plans.

There seems to be some controversy over the idea that he is running concentration camps on the southern border. There should be no controversy. Of course, they aren’t gassing people there, nor working them to death. But as I’ve said before, Beware the Beginnings.

There aren’t too many experts on the Holocaust who don’t see this for what it is. Dachau Concentration Camp started as the first Nazi prison. It was for men who were taken into what the Nazis termed “Protective Custody.” They were removed from society in order to protect the Third Reich. This is exactly what Trump is ordering. No trial, no rule of law. These illegals must be removed from our society to protect us. Remember all that propaganda about how illegals were bringing crime? We know the hard statistics are that most immigrants, legal or not, bring less crime to the United States. But that doesn’t fit the narrative that gives Trump permission to lock them up without trial, separate them from their families, and neglect them.

I get the argument that comparing our system as it stands now to the Death Camps does disservice to those who lived through the Holocaust. But the slogan Never Forget isn’t to just remember those murdered. It’s to remember the process, how the dark side of human nature is always there, crouching to spring. By the time you get to gassing people, it’s too late. The beginning is where you have to Never Forget. This is exactly how it started back in 1933 when Himmler locked up political prisoners in Dachau to “restore calm to Germany.” It’s exactly according to the playbook. If we don’t get Trump out of office, we’re going to discover people in power did the unthinkable.

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