Donald Trump just confessed

Donald Trump’s poorly attended Tulsa rally was controversial enough for him, before he opened his mouth during his speech and admitted that he had instructed his White House advisers to slow down coronavirus testing in order to reduce the number of confirmed cases. Taken at face value, this was a confession to negligent homicide. Naturally, Trump’s White House quickly began insisting that Trump was merely kidding.

But just a few minutes ago, respected CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang tweeted this:


Wait a minute here. Donald Trump is confirming that he really did mean it when he claimed to have instructed the White House to slow down coronavirus testing. He’s confirming that his confession is indeed a confession. Joe Biden and anti-Trump groups are already using Trump’s “slow down the testing” soundbite in advertising, as it makes clear that Trump really did take dishonest steps to make himself look good that directly resulted in large numbers of Americans dying.

It’s also worth noting that if Donald Trump loses the election, he’ll end up on trial for a wide variety of criminal charges. His confession about deliberately slowing down the testing, coupled with his confirmation today that he really did mean it when he confessed, will be used as evidence against him by the prosecution. By slowing down the testing, he ensured that sick people remained unaware they were sick, and continued infecting other people.

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