Donald Trump is cornered

On Tuesday, Donald Trump threatened to leave his own press conference because he didn’t like a reporter’s question, and he assured that reporter that all the other reporters would blame him for it. After not one reporter showed any interest in trying to get Trump not to leave, he acted like the whole the never happened and began taking more questions.

Trump threatened to take his ball and go home, only to learn that no one cared. So he just stood there, de-balled. You don’t throw down the gauntlet like that and then not follow through with it. Did this guy learn nothing in business school? Oh that’s right, he did learn nothing in business school. It’s why he’s gone bankrupt so many times.

Donald Trump is cornered right now in a number of ways. Deadly and worsening scandal he can’t figure out how to make go away. Approval rating too low to have a path to reelection. Criminal charges in New York State awaiting him if he loses. But standing there in that press conference on Tuesday, threatening to leave as a way of trying to get reporters to beg him to stay, and then staying after no one asked him to stay, Trump managed to corner himself.

Trump’s idiot base will cheer him on no matter how much of a fool he makes of himself. So long as he’s a jerk about it, they’re thrilled with it. But Trump’s base alone isn’t even close to being large enough to get him reelected. It wasn’t enough to get him elected the first time around. That was thanks to people in the middle who mistakenly thought his nasty demeanor would allow him to get things done. Instead they’re seeing that he’s just a pouting wimp, standing there in the Rose Garden, begging people to beg him to stay, and not having the guts to walk off after no one did. What a loser.

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