Coronavirus outbreak in Trump White House is running “rampant” and now someone big is caught up in it

This evening someone in the Trump regime leaked the fact that Mike Pence has entered quarantine, after having been directly exposed to coronavirus. The Trump regime then pushed back on this, insisting that Pence somehow hasn’t been quarantined, and will report to work at the White House tomorrow. As we wait for this bizarre story to play out, it looks like things are uglier than we thought.

Respected White House Correspondent April Ryan tweeted this just a few minutes ago:


This is somewhat cryptic, but nonetheless jarring. Thus far the White House has only admitted to Donald Trump’s valet and Mike Pence’s press secretary having tested positive. There have been separate reports that Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant and eleven Secret Service agents have all tested positive, but the assistant has supposedly been working from home for weeks, and there’s been no confirmation of whether the agents were assigned to the White House to begin with. The official tally in the White House is just two positive tests, and that doesn’t add up to “rampant,” so Ryan’s reporting suggests that the Trump regime has been working hard to cover up just how out of hand this has gotten.

As for the “very high-ranking individual” who may have been impacted, that could mean a lot of things. It could be a reference to Mike Pence. It could be someone else. For instance MSNBC is reporting that the Navy Chief of Operations is in quarantine, and this may or may not be in reference to that. But it’s pretty ugly when the White House coronavirus outbreak is so bad, the people in the building are at the point where they’re “seeking prayers.”

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